Guide Gear Mens Nisswa Winter Boots, Waterproof Snow Boots and Rubber Boots

Guide Gear Mens Nisswa Winter Boots, Waterproof Snow Boots and Rubber Boots

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Were dedicated to practical and functional footwear that helps you survive the cold winters . thats why we designed the Mens Nisswa Boots to withstand temperatures up to -58 . The four layer design provides robust insulation from ice and snow . keeping your feet warm in the coldest weather. The heavy-duty construction is built to last . making the Nisswa Boots a worthwhile investment that will keep your feet happy. 


Featuring a waterproof rubber shell . waterproof nubuck leather uppers . sealed seams and fleece snow cuffs to keep the snow and water out of your boots for good. The Nisswa Winter Boots have been built to keep your feet dry in extreme weather conditions. The deep lug outsole helps you gain grip and traction in the snow for better maneuverability. 


  • Premium nubuck leather uppers are rugged . naturally water-resistant and wont crack or split in extreme cold 
  • 100% waterproof rubber shell protects your feet from ice . slush and snow
  • Removable 9mm-thick wool felt liner with reflective heat shield returns your body heat for long-lasting warmth
  • 8mm reflective wool frost barrier under foot provides an extra layer of protection between your feet and frozen surfaces
  • Fleece snow cuff keeps the snow where it belongs and out of your boots
  • Deep lug outsole bites snow for dependable traction
  • Steel shank increases stability when traversing uneven . snowy terrain
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