About us

Hello all! We are a couple of young madly in love shop-owners who adore kids, are passionate about art, and think that kid's clothing doesn't have to be boring! We started the Cute Company in the spring of 2016 to bring some of the best pen and ink designs to kids clothing in a unique and interesting way. We work with freelance artists who provide their own original hand drawn art and then we print them on bamboo onesies. To read about why we use bamboo click here.

Our handsome Founder and Idea-Comer-Upper-Wither is a fantastic photographer, illustrator, recreational writer, and all around great guy. Our Co-Founder, Social Media Manager, and Writer Of This About Section is Briana. She is a mediocre i-phone photographer, trail runner, experimental chef, and envelope doodler. 

We are so happy to share our ideas with you and hope you'll feel free to share your feedback and suggestions! We are on Facebook and Instagram and would love to keep in touch with you there.