Adorable Baby Moccasins - Anyone Can Make!

These little moccasins are getting lots of attention. They're so easy to make you can make a few for your kids and your fiend's kids. What a great gift! And even if you aren't good at sewing, you can make these. Just follow this visual guide below.

Here's what you need: 

  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Felt - In the picture we have a bright felt but it also would look amazing for baby boys to use a grey felt with a bright red or yellow thread.
  • Course thick thread that contrasts the felt.
  • Tailor's tape

1. Trace around your baby's foot to get the right shape and size for the sole. Add about a quarter inch to the perimeter to allow for stitching. Cut out two soles. You can fold your fabric in half and cut once to make them identical. If the sole isn't perfectly symmetrical, (this would be the case if your little one already has a definite slant from big toe to little toe) just flip one over for the opposite foot.

2. Using a tailor's tape measure the circumference of the sole that you want to be the right shoe from the top right "corner" of the sole (where baby's right foot pinky toe would be) measure counter-clockwise all the way around overlapping and finishing at the top left corner to get your length measurement. For the width measurement make it wide enough to go from the sole to just past baby's ankle. Add a quarter inch to the width for stitching and cut out your oblong shapes. Use the toe of the sole as a guide for the shape of the curve

3. Pin the oblong piece to the sole all the way around the outside overlapping as shown in the pictures. Now is the time to choose if you prefer to have the line of the overlap slanting from the lower outside of the foot to the upper inside or the the oposite. Keep in mind though that either way, your two shoes should overlap in opposite directions. (If I'm not explaining this well enough double check with the pictures)

4. Use an overlap stitch and begin at one end of the oblong, attaching the fabric of the oblong to the fabric of the sole around the toe. At the toe area you will be stitching through all 3 layers of fabric. Make careful even stitches all the way around the circumference of the entire shoe.

5. Finish by X-stitching a tiny piece of elastic band at the closure to keep the shoe secure on the foot as shown in the picture.


These shoes are perfect for infants who don't yet walk or as indoor only first walkers. We have had some people inquiring if these can be made for adults as well. Yes they can. Follow the same steps but trace around whoever's foot they need to fit in step one. 

If you are making these for an adult or any other already walking person, you might consider adding an additional piece of leather stitched onto the very bottom to serve as a protecting sole.

Speaking of first walkers and outside shoes, check out these adorable handcut handmade leather moccasins that we just got in the store. They're made from soft sheepskin and stitched together one at a time. I already bought three different pairs for my niece. My favorite are the natural looking brown ones with the little white flowers but every time I try to get her to let me put them on her she says in her adorable little two year old voice, "No auntie, the pink ones!" and reaches for the ones with pink cupcakes. Already??

These are a few of my favorite designs.

Click here to see the entire collection.

Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify about the tutorial in the comments below. Have fun crafting!


  • Briana-TheCuteCo

    Thanks for your question J. It inspired me to update the post. Long story short, use the measurements of the foot that will wear the shoe and possibly add a leather sole.

  • J

    Could you possibly make these for adults? What measurements would I use?

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