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Are Your Baby's Sunglasses Doing More Harm Than Good?

I recently got a question from a concerned mom who wanted reassurance that our sunglasses block harmful rays. She had read something recently that suggested that some sunglasses, if of poor quality or very cheap can actually harm your child's eyes rather than protect them. She didn't cite a source but I was curious. Our sunglasses, while not as cheap as some of the ones you can buy from the discount bin at Walmart are still pretty affordable compared to some adult glasses and I absolutely understood her concern. Even though I knew that we sell high-quality sunglasses, I wanted to look into this claim for myself. So after I reassured her that our lenses do indeed block 100% of both UVA...

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Grand Opening of The Cute Company

Hello Everybody, We are so excited to have all of your love and support as we launch The Cute Company! As you may already know, all of our boutique items feature all original pen and ink hand drawn artwork printed on 100% cotton, baby soft onesies. We welcome your questions, suggestions, feedback and photos of your little one sporting an original art Cute Company creation. Let us know what outfits you love by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook. @thecuteco #originalartcuteco

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